Microsoft Office 2013 Online Course | Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint | 13 Course Titles
Microsoft Office 2013 Online Course | Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint | 13 Course Titles
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Course Length: Approx 37 hours per course title
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This Microsoft Office 2013 collection of courses contains extensive training for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access. By using these courses you will familiarise yourself with the applications at several levels of proficiency - from the basic application settings to using styles and templates and advanced techniques such as mail merge and form creation, using formulas and functions, data analysis, creation of charts and macros, the effective creation of catchy presentations and working with extensive databases and with a digital signature. You will now be able to make real use of the entire potential of the Office 2013 applications. Students are led through the courses by a virtual teacher - with voice and/or written text instruction complemented by highlighting the current area of interest with red borders or by using a red arrow. Students are regularly required to perform individual tasks that are then corrected as necessary. Three levels of automatic help are available to support them in fulfilling the tasks, i.e. evaluation, advice and simulation of the correct procedures. A final test provides a detailed timed assessment of the student's knowledge of the subject.

This collection contains the following courses: Microsoft Access 2013 Online Training Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training Microsoft Outlook 2013 Online Training Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Online Training Microsoft Word 2010 Online Training System requirements: Processor: 1 GHz or higher Memory: 512 MB RAM Display resolution 1280 � 1024 or higher Any of following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome; all with the Adobe Flash plug-in version 8.0 or higher Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS (+ Opera browser) Soundcard and speakers/headphones are recommended Subscription: 1 year.
Course Content
Microsoft Access 2013 Online Training - Introduction Introduction to databases The Microsoft Access environment Table creation in datasheet view Table design view Special field types Work within extensive tables Looking up and editing data Data sorting and filtering Designing databases Field selection and data sorting via queries Work with criteria for select queries Calculated items Analysis of table relations Relationships and referential integrity Linked tables in queries Relation features Lookup column Queries with parameters Functions and formula creator Microsoft Access 2013 Online Training - Intermediate Field indexing and data validation Totals Aggregate functions Crosstab query Action queries Data normalization Make Table query Form creation using wizard Working with form Creating forms in design view Working with form controls Calculated form fields Combo Box in forms Option buttons in forms Organising Form fields Creating a Form with a subform Subform insertion in design view Form as a user interface Microsoft Access 2013 Online Training - Advanced Report creation Reports with calculations Graphical editing of Reports Additional report options Pivot table and chart Object dependencies and properties inheritance Macro basics Assigning a macro to a button Data validation using macros Data evaluation via macros Database print and documentation Importing Access Objects and splitting a database Data exporting Program import and export XML format Navigation in a database Security and privacy in databases SQL language Microsoft Excel 2013 Online Training - Introduction Introduction to Excel Data entry and editing Worksheet navigation and basic settings Cell range selection Manipulation with cell ranges Cell inserting and deleting Text and cell formatting Number, Date and Time format Formatting via style gallery Working with files and windows Printing smaller tables The AutoSum button and formula copying Custom formula creation Work with functions Chart creation Chart formatting Proofing Basic Excel settings Getting help Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training - Intermediate Lock Advanced cell formatting Conditional and custom formatting Templates Workbook properties and work with sheets Sharing workbooks and tracking changes Comments and workbooks comparing Copying options, orders and lists Formula creation and absolute links Errors and formulas dependencies Connected sheets The IF, MIN, and COUNT functions Functions and formulas used for Date and Time data Functions for working with text Rounding off Financial functions Techniques of work with relation tables Data validation and sorting Go To, Find and Replace orders Printing larger tables AutoFilter Criteria table and advanced filter Database functions Outlines and totals Splitting text into columns Pivot table Editing pivot tables and charts Advanced chart editing Microsoft Excel 2013 Online Training - Advanced Work with range names Form creation in a sheet Protection options within workbooks Conditional calculations Conditional calculations using SUMIF and COUNTIF Working with an array Calculation criteria in database functions Using functions for searching in tables Data import Work with Microsoft Query Complicated queries in Microsoft Query Data merging Sheet scenarios Resolver What-if analysis and goal seek Statistical methods and functions Macros recording and usage The VBA code view and editing Webpages, links and e-mail sending File security Permission control Introduction to XML Working with data in the XML format Microsoft Outlook 2013 Online Training - Introduction Introduction to Outlook Reading e-mails and creating new ones E-mail content editing Work with address list Working with Mail folders Searching and categorizing, View settings Conversation View Quick Steps Signature creation, Delivery confirmation Automatic replies Working with rules, Junk E-Mail Creating and using Contacts Sorting and Categorizing Contacts Working with Attachments, Printing Getting help, Junk E-mail filtering Other E-mail options Microsoft Outlook 2013 Online Training - Intermediate-Advanced Working with Calendar Appointment editing Calendar organising and printing Appointment planning Appointment editing and Calendar setting options Editing planned appointments Info sharing with other users Working with Notes Tasks creation Tasks management Working with the Journal Offline Folders Data import and export Personal and public files E-mail account settings Personal forms Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Online Training - Introduction Basic orientation in PowerPoint window Getting help Create a new presentation, work with text boxes Text formatting Text with bullets Shapes Objects snapping and WordArt Styles Clip Art editing Moving and copying slides Slide with a table Tables from other applications SmartArt graphics Other SmartArt types Slide with chart Chart formatting Symbols and equations Video clips and animated pictures Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Online Training - Intermediate-Advanced Slide footer Proofing and Autocorrection Themes, format editing and sections Slide background Slide master Slide transitions Animation effects Adding actions to objects Slide show setup and editing timing Slide show options Custom template and theme creation Speaker's notes and comments Print Various save formats and other Backstage options Import Microsoft Word 2013 Online Training - Introduction Introduction to Word Navigation through the document Text entry Work with a document and multiple document windows Use of automatic corrections and proofing tools Proofing Text selection techniques Text moving and copying Page setup Paragraph formatting Character formatting Document printing Borders and Shading Bulleted and numbered lists Data sorting, Converting text to a table Multi-page document editing Headers and Footers Getting help Microsoft Word 2013 Online Training - Intermediate Basic Word settings Work with document windows Styles Templates Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts Table creation Table formatting Table data sorting and calculations Table design Chart creation AutoText Text flow management Searching in a document Tracking changes Document sections Splitting text into columns Graphics in documents Work with symbols Advanced techniques for paragraph numbering Saving a file in various formats Microsoft Word 2013 Online Training - Advanced Document headers and sections Showing outline and dividing long documents Master document with subdocuments Table of contents creation Index generating Table of figures Envelopes and labels Form letters in mail merge Work with a data source in mail merge Envelopes and labels in mail merge Catalog Linking and inserting objects Organization chart Cycle diagram and decorative text Drawing and work with graphics Work with fields Footnotes and endnotes Bookmarks Cross-references Hyperlinks Text translation Web presentation Form fields Form protection Macros Protected view and document protection Permission control Office Web Apps Getting to know XML