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This two day Microsoft Project training course will give you the essential skills you need to manage your projects effectively. You will learn how to schedule time, manage resources, work with variances, create reports and resolve conflicts.

What is Project and why use it?
Exploring the Project Interface and Ribbons
Scoping the Project and Creating a New Task
Change the Duration and Type of Task / Move, Insert and Delete a Milestone
Create Sub Tasks and Recurring Tasks / Define Constraints and Task Deadlines
Create and Manage a Resource List Edit Resources by Grouping and Changing Working Time
Assign a Resource to a Task and use the Resource Graph View
Determine when Resource Conflicts Exist
Reassign Resources and Schedule Overtime /Viewing Project Statistics
Levelling Calculations and Range
Create Standard and Custom Reports
Explore Advanced Views: Network Diagram, Gantt and Tracking Chart
Customise Project Menus and Toolbars Using Filters and Auto Filters / Using Variance, Work and Cost Tables
Using Master Projects