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PowerPoint course outlines can be customised to suit your requirements.

PowerPoint Essential Skills
Understanding the Interface
Explore the Ribbon
Shortcut Keys
File Tab / Quick Access Toolbar
Slide Layout
Change the Slide Layout
Add a New Slide
Choosing the Slide Layout
Reset Placeholders
Adding Slides / Deleting Slides
Delete or Hide a Slide
Change the Height and Width of Slides

Creating a New Presentation
Create a Blank Presentation
Create a Presentation based on a Template
Adding and Formatting Text
Adding Pictures and Shapes
Using Bullets and Numbering
Adding Headers and Footers
Working with Text Boxes
Navigating a Presentation
Using the Side Pane to Navigate
Using the Outline Tab
Navigate during a Slide Show
Working with Backgrounds

Formatting Slide Backgrounds
Using Multiple Backgrounds
Adding Charts and Graphs
Adding Images to a Slide
Adding SmartArt to a Slide
Setting Slide Transitions
Single Slide Transitions
Transition Speed
Setting Sound with Transitions
Setting Transitions to all Slides
Applying Animation to a Slide
Apply Animation to Slides
Change the Direction of an Animation
Change the Speed of an Animation

PowerPoint Intermediate
Using Master Slides
View Master Slides
Add a Picture File to the Slide Master
Remove and Image from a Slide Layout
Insert a Shape to the Title Slide Layout
Edit Placeholders to the Master
Add Slides to the Presentation
View and Edit the Handout Master
Slide, Handouts and Notes Masters
Advanced Transition Effects
Add Sounds to Transitions
Copy and Paste Animated Effects
The Animation Pane
Animation Styles and Effects
Animation Painter
Entrance and Exit Effects
Emphasis Effects
Motion Paths

Adding Charts to your Presentation
Organisational Charts
Add Members to the Chart
Add a Co Workers
Add Subordinates
Add Assistants
Remove a Member from the Chart
Change the Hierarchical Structure
Inserting Slides from Another Presentation
Insert Slides and Keep Formatting
Insert Slides using Current Formatting
Flow Charts
PowerPoint Tables
Merge/Compare Presentations
Video, Picture, and Animations
Turn your presentation into a video
Deliver your Presentations
Share your Presentations
Make your Presentations Portable

PowerPoint Advanced
Templates and Themes
Keep your Corporate Identity
Colour and Font Choices
Slide Layout Choices
Custom Layouts
Create Efficient Templates
Incorporate Notes
Reflect Branding
Handout Masters
Provide Example Slides
Define Default Settings