Microsoft Word 2013 Essential Skills | Online Course
Microsoft Word 2013 Essential Skills | Online Course
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Course Length: 34 Hours
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In the course MS Word 2013: Introduction, you will familiarise yourself with the program interface and the navigation in it. You will learn how to enter basic text properly and how to check spelling and grammar in it. You will examine the options of formatting text and the whole paragraphs. You will get to know the basic settings before printing a document, including page setup and inserting headers and footers into the document pages.

Students are regularly required to perform individual tasks that are then corrected as necessary. Three levels of automatic help are available to support them in fulfilling the tasks, i.e. evaluation, advice and simulation of the correct procedures. A final test provides a detailed timed assessment of the student's knowledge of the subject.

System requirements: Processor: 1 GHz or higher Memory: 512 MB RAM Display resolution 1280 � 1024 or higher Any of following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome; all with the Adobe Flash plug-in version 8.0 or higher Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS (+ Opera browser) Soundcard and speakers/headphones are recommended Subscription: 1 year.
Course Content
Microsoft Word 2013: Introduction
Introduction to Word
Viewing documents
Read Mode
Creating a new document
Opening a document
Navigating in a document
Entering and editing text
Text selection techniques
Moving and copying text
Saving a document
Page setup
Text formatting
Quick text formatting
Paragraph formatting
Numbered lists
Bulleted lists
Borders and shading
Automatic text correction
Proofing tools
Language settings
Header and Footer
Printing a document
Working with Microsoft Word help