Complete Microsoft Excel 2010 | Beginners to Advanced
Complete Microsoft Excel 2010 | Beginners to Advanced
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Course Length: 35 Hours
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In this Complete Microsoft Excel 2010 course you are led through your learning by a virtual tutor - with voice and/or written instruction.  Help is available throughout the course and if at any stage you are unsure of what to do you can press a button to show you the next step.  Support is also available from Focus4 Trainings online support team.

As soon as you purchase your course you will be able to login and start your learning.  You will then have access to the course for a year.
Course Content
Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training - Introduction Introduction to Excel Data entry and editing Worksheet navigation and basic settings Cell range selection Manipulation with cell ranges Cell inserting and deleting Text and cell formatting Number, Date and Time format Formatting via style gallery Working with files and windows Printing smaller tables The AutoSum button and formula copying Custom formula creation Work with functions Chart creation Chart formatting Proofing Basic Excel settings Getting help Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training - Intermediate Lock Advanced cell formatting Conditional and custom formatting Templates Workbook properties and work with sheets Sharing workbooks and tracking changes Comments and workbooks comparing Copying options, orders and lists Formula creation and absolute links Errors and formulas dependencies Connected sheets The IF, MIN, and COUNT functions Functions and formulas used for Date and Time data Functions for working with text Rounding off Financial functions Techniques of work with relation tables Data validation and sorting Go To, Find and Replace orders Printing larger tables AutoFilter Criteria table and advanced filter Database functions Outlines and totals Splitting text into columns Pivot table Editing pivot tables and charts Advanced chart editing Microsoft Excel 2010 Online Training - Advanced Work with range names Form creation in a sheet Protection options within workbooks Conditional calculations Conditional calculations using SUMIF and COUNTIF Working with an array Calculation criteria in database functions Using functions for searching in tables Data import Work with Microsoft Query Complicated queries in Microsoft Query Data merging Sheet scenarios Resolver What-if analysis and goal seek Statistical methods and functions Macros recording and usage The VBA code view and editing Webpages, links and e-mail sending File security Permission control Introduction to XML Working with data in the XML format