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Outlook course outlines can be customised to suit your requirements.

Outlook Essential Skills
Introduction to Outlook
Reading and Sending E-mails
E-mail Content
Editing Working with Address Lists
Working with Mail Folders
Searching and Categorising
View Settings
Conversation View
Quick Steps
Signature Creation
Automatic Replies
Junk E-mail
Creating and Using Contacts
Sorting and Categorising Contacts
Distribution Lists
Working with Attachments
Junk E-mail
Other E-mail Options
Outlook Advanced Skills
Working with the Calendar
Working with Rules
Appointment Editing
Calendar Organising and Printing
Appointment Planning
Appointment Editing
Calendar Setting Options
Editing Planned Appointments
Info Sharing with Other Users
Working with Notes
Tasks Creation
Tasks Management
Working with the Journal
Mail Merge with Outlook
Offline Folders
Data Import and Export
E-mail Account Settings
ersonal Forms

Working Smarter with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a very powerful Personal Information Manager (PIM) designed to save you time and make integrating tasks, email, calendar and contact information simple. This 1-day Outlook course concentrates on how Outlook can be customised to suit your department or teams needs to improve all round efficiency and work within agreed procedures. The course also covers: Short Cuts, Top Ten Time Savers and General Hints and Tips to help you gain the most from Outlook. The course will include discussions around how you work with Outlook now and how you could work with it by making subtle changes which will make a big impact! A real must to improve how people working together communicate together.