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Excel course outlines can be customised to suit your requirements. Please see our range of delivery options below.

Excel Essential Skills
Understanding the Excel Interface
Understanding and Editing Formulas
Introduction to Functions
Decimal Places/Currency
Selecting Cells/Cell Referencing
Auto Sum and Auto Fill
Formatting Numbers and Cells
Working with Rows and Columns
Customising Worksheets
Edit, Copy and Move Cells
Introduction to Charts
Excel Intermediate
Functions including Min, Max, Sum
Count and Counta
Absolute and Relative References Percentages, Profit and Loss
Date Functions including Now()
Date and Number Series
Advanced Sort and Filter/Query Data Linking Data across Worksheets
Linking Data across other MS Programs
Consolidate Data
Conditional Formatting

Excel Advanced
Understanding IF Statements
IF/AND/OR Functions
SumIf and CountIf’s
Nested IF Functions
Lookup, VLookup and Hlookup
Working with PivotTables
Creating Pivot Charts
Creating and Editing Subtotals
Database Functions
What If Analysis – Goal Seek
What If Analysis – Scenarios

Creating Dynamic Dashboards in Excel

This is a hot topic for Excel users and a must have skill for any Excel user who prepares reports as the ability to create dynamic dashboards is increasingly becoming a requirement of employers. Dashboards are a visual display of your data. They convey the most important information at a glance and they often enable the user to interact with the report and choose how they view the data. They enable the reader to quickly make sense of the raw numbers by presenting them in visually rich charts and tables.

If you are sourcing great training for Excel we offer excellent options for your company.
We can run cost effective, private (closed) courses for you at your premises which includes

Pre-course assessment
Course customisation
Laptops if required
Full course notes
After course support

Private courses are an ideal solution for your employees to discuss the work they do and how they can become more efficient.

Our qualified and experienced trainers will guide them through the day as well as being there with after course support as needed.
In addition our scheduled public (open) classes running at our centre in Rugby, Warwickshire are ideal if you have one or two people requiring training. Courses include:

Full course customisation
Course notes
Laptops if required
After course support
A copy of evaluation

Small class sizes, pre-course assessments and course customisation will ensure a great learning experience for your employees.

Delegates will spend the day learning what is appropriate to them in a relaxed learning environment with the one to one support of their trainer.

If online learning is the option you prefer we have an excellent range of online Microsoft courses which come with trainer support. Our Microsoft online courses include:

Interactive topics
Built in support at the click of a button
Exercises and quizzes
Tutor support
Course certificate

Courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Delegates can choose the topics they wish to study in any order.

If you prefer to manage enrolments, leaner activity and tracking you can join our online partner program.
You will have your own login to track learner progress.