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The Advantages of Microsoft eLearning

Studying Microsoft eLearning courses is a practical and cost effective solution. You can control when you want to learn and where you want to learn and because of how our courses have been developed you can dip and out of subjects as you wish to.

So perhaps today you have a need to find out how to create a pivot table in Excel. It is so straight forward, within a couple of clicks you will be in your course either learning or recapping and will soon be producing Pivots tables and charts to be proud of.

We all forget how to do things at times, so having instant help just a click away is like having a personal trainer sitting next to you. Our library of interactive eLearning courses cover all the main Microsoft Office Applications and are interactive and challenging.

It’s no fun just watching the screen as somebody tells you how to do something, you have to be hands on to remember. That’s why you will love our courses because they are so interactive. You are led through the courses by a virtual teacher - with voice and/or written text instruction complemented by highlighting the current area of interest with red borders or by using a red arrow.

Our eLearning courses consist of pre-assessments to identify your training needs; written and audio lectures, illustrative simulation, exercises for the independent work with quizzes and we all like to know how we have done so there is a final test at the end of each course. Your progress and results are recorded and stored so that later you can recommence studying the course where you left off.

Thanks to the search function it is not essential that you master the entire application. Whenever you may need advice or to find a solution, e.g. during your work, you will simply search for and study those parts of the course in which the specific subject matter is explained. Click this way to find out more about e-learning with Focus4 Training